Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Country Profiles

The country profiles provide an overview situation analysis of key issues and country-level trends in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Country profiles contain pertinent political, economic and demographic data and description.

These profiles are updated regularly, and draw on the regional expertise and research of the HEARD research institute based at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, and HEARD’s regional partners.


Lesotho: Lesotho faces numerous health and development challenges. These both contribute to, and in part stem from, the HIV and AIDS epidemic, income inequalities, and poor access to information and services on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Both ...Read More

Mauritius: There is a dramatic and widening gap in both prevalence and incidence of HIV between general and key populations, especially injecting drug users – though data is comparably sparse to that of countries neighbouring Mauritius. Infant mortality ra...Read More

Seychelles: There is a low burden of disease but trend-indicating health statistics are weakened by ambiguities around actual numbers of people living with HIV.  Government officials attribute this to individuals seeking treatment in the late stages of AIDS, tr...Read More

Tanzania: HIV prevalence in Tanzania has declined slightly since 2004, but the prevalence and extent of the decrease varies geographically and between different demographics. Conversely, Tanzania suffers high adverse sexual and reproductive health indicators i...Read More

Zambia: Legislature committees and the current national health strategic plan report increasing incidence of teenage pregnancies, persistence of customary child marriages, low secondary education completion rates amongst girls and infrequent use of contracep...Read More

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe has a high HIV burden and high HIV/TB coinfection. Women suffer from high rates of cervical cancer, mother to child transmission (MTCT), and maternal mortality. Maternal experiences are also marked by persistently high neonatal mortality, in...Read More