Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

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The search field on the left of this page is to a dedicated and live gateway to research and resources on sexual and reproductive health and rights in East and Southern Africa. Check back regularly for updates.

Dedicated researchers filter significant and policy-relevant research that relates to countries in East and Southern Africa and upload them here. This provides an invaluable quality checking service that pulls together dispersed research to lower barriers for busy policy makers to ensure decisions are based on the best and most recent evidence available. Civil society organisations also benefit by being able to confidently use research indexed here to advocate for improved SRHR responses and standards.

As this website develops, it will also provide a platform to raise the profile and impact of resources that are not widely available online due to technical or other constraints of the authors or publishers. In this way, the resource gateway promotes the inclusion of a greater range of perspectives, and removes some of the barriers to sharing and accessing of resources.